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Gourmet Cake Ball Flavors

Cake. Who doesn’t like cake? Nobody.* It’s pretty much the perfect food. So how do you improve upon perfection. Cream & Sugar knows how. We set about taking superbly moist cake (don’t ask for the recipes; they’re secret) and working a little southern charm and good old fashioned creativity to turn cake into cake balls.

If you’ve never had a cake ball, we’re very sorry. Fortunately, we can help. Cream & Sugar carries more than a dozen different flavors year-round. And depending on what time of year you drop into our restaurant (or visit us virtually at our online store), we’re bound to have some extra special, season, limited-time-only flavors that’ll have you wishing they were available all the time.

In short, a cake ball starts with cake. Really great cake. Moist, delicious, make-you-drool cake. It’s baked with tender loving care and chilled. And before all is said and done, the cake is formed into something denser and rounder and dipped in a something deliciously decadent like fudge, white chocolate or ganache. Each cake ball is then chilled to give the outer layer a chance to set) and kept refrigerated until it’s time to eat. (That’s why we have a limited shipping area. All our cake balls are shipped with dry ice to keep them chilled and we want to ensure that the product you receive is just as delightfully appealing as when it leaves our store.)

Below is a gallery of photos of many of our cake balls. Read on for a description of all our cake ball flavors.

Mobile Bay Breeze cake ball
Peanut Butter cake ball
Key Lime cake ball
Chocolate Moonpie cake ball
Oakleigh Pecan cake ball
Cinnamon King Cake cake ball
Banana Moonpie cake ball
Champagne Ice cake ball
Latte Love cake ball
Chocolate Kiss cake ball
Chocolate Fudge cake ball
Birthday Cake cake ball
Orange Dreamsicle cake ball
Cherry Cordial cake ball
German Chocolate cake ball
Cookies & Cream cake ball
Mint Chocolate cake ball
Red Velvet cake ball
 Praline King Cake cake ball
Pound Cake cake ball
Strawberry Shortcake
cake ball



Premium Cake Ball Flavors

These are our standard cake ball flavors, even though there's nothing standard about them! Please take note that some flavors are seasonal and not all are available year round.


Red Velvet cake ball – Traditional red velvet cake is finished with a white chocolate coating and red crystal sprinkles. Also available as part of our Valentine's Day Gift Box and our Taste of Mobile Gift Box (where it's called the Crimson Tide Red Velvet cake ball).

Salted Caramel cake ball – A rich yellow cake gets the luxury caramel treatment when we drizzle it with caramel and top it with just a sprinkle of sea salt.

German Chocolate cake ball – No need to travel to the Alps for this delicacy. We start with a rich chocolate cake and finish it with chocolate stripes, pecans and coconut flakes.

Birthday Cake cake ball – Happy Birthday…to whomever! This lusciously moist white cake gets topped with confetti sprinkles and a candle.

Key Lime cake ball – Key lime-infused white cake is topped with lime zest, green-dyed white chocolate, and sprinkles. Also available as part of our Taste of Mobile Gift Box (where it's called the Conde Key Lime cake ball).

Champagne Ice cake ball - Bottoms up. We take fluffy, white cake and dip in white chocolate before we sprinkle it with gold crystals. Also available as part of our Valentine's Day Gift Box.

Coffee Cake cake ball – We start with espresso cake, dip it in white chocolate espresso icing, and finish it off with a smidgen of ground espresso on top.

Strawberry Shortcake cake ball – "Strawberry (Shortcake) Fields Forever..." Unbelievably moist strawberry cake is coated with pink icing and decorated with white stripes.

Chocolate Covered Cherry cake ball – A delicious cherry anchors the center of this chocolate cake confection while a layer chocolate ganache covers the outside. Also available as part of our Valentine's Day Gift Box.

Carrot Cake cake ball – Traditional carrot cake never tasted so good. Carrot cake and cream cheese icing rolled together and dipped in white chocolate, finished off with a sprinkling of pecan pieces on top. 

Chocolate Moonpie cake ball - Moonpies are special in Mobile. And this particular cake ball pays homage to that fact in the form of chocolate cake stuffed with a mini marshmallow and covered in chocolate ganache. Also available in our Mardi Gras Gift Box and our Taste of Mobile Gift Box.

Banana Moonpie cake ball - Like biting into a memory of childhood, the Banana Moonpie cake ball features banana cake with a mini marshmallow in the middle with white chocolate ganache coating.

Mobile Bay Breeze cake ball – Citrus flavored orange cake is finished with a blue-tinted white chocolate coating. Also available as part of our Taste of Mobile Gift Box.

Peanut Butter cake ball – Guaranteed to stick in your memory, but not necessarily to the top of your mouth. Peanut butter cake is coated in chocolate ganache with a peanut butter candy drizzle. Also available as part of our Taste of Mobile Gift Box (where it's known as the Port City Peanut Butter cake ball).

Praline cake ball – A southern favorite. We take caramel cake and coat in caramel flavored white chocolate, white drizzles and gold sprinkles.

Orange Dreamsicle cake ball – Tart, sweet and moist orange cake gets a luscious coating of white chocolate ganache.

Cookies and Cream cake ball – No need to twist this to enjoy it. Just take a bit of vanilla cake with crushed Oreos coated in straight white chocolate with a cut Oreo on top.

Oakleigh Pecan cake ball - We couldn't leave well enough alone. We took rich chocolate cake and added marshmallow and pecans, then dipped in chocolate gananche. Also available as part of our Taste of Mobile Gift Box.

Mint Chocolate cake ball – Cool, rich chocolate mint cake is coated in chocolate ganache and a green drizzle.

Pound Cake cake ball – Thick, moist pound cake gets coated with straight white chocolate and finished with a white chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate Fudge cake ball – Do you love chocolate? I mean really love chocolate. This cake ball is made from moist chocolate fudge cake dipped in dark chocolate. Also available as part of our Valentine's Day Gift Box.

Chocolate Kiss cake ball – Feel the love. This is gluten-free chocolate cake dusted in cocoa powder and wrapped in foil. Also available as part of our Valentine's Day Gift Box.

Latte Love cake ball – There's a lot to love in this little cake ball for sure. It's Kahlúa cake with a hint of espresso. Also available as part of our Valentine's Day Gift Box

Lemon Curd cake ball – Start with luscious lemon cake, then coat it in white icing and top with sprinkles.

Pumpkin cake ball – Given the choice between a trick or a treat, take the treat. We take a pumpkin cake recipe then coat the cake ball with orange frosting, white stripes and a green stem so it resembles a pumpkin. (Seasonal flavor)

King Cake cake ball – King cakes are a big part of Mardi Gras here in Mobile. And the King Cake cake ball is our interpretation of this tasty tradition. We take cinnamon cake, give it white chocolate ganache icing and decorate it with green, purple and yellow sprinkles and a baby—part of the king cake tradition. L’aissez les bon temps roulez, y’all. (Seasonal flavor)

Coconut Snowball cake ball – Chance of a snowball, 100%, no matter what the weatherman says. Our Coconut Snowball cake ball is coconut cake with white chocolate coating and coconut flakes on top.*

Almond Joy cake ball – Sometimes you feel like a nut. An almond, specifically. We take coconut cake with almond slivers inside, coat it in chocolate ganache and top it with coconut flakes. (Special Order flavor)

Spiked Cake Ball Flavors (Special Order Only; minimum of 36 of one flavor; 72 hour notice)

These are a treat for grownups. All spiked cakeballs have a small straw for garnish. A selection of cakeballs can always be found in the pastry case of our café, however please give 72-hour notice for special orders. You’ll receive a 10% discount with orders of 50 or more; and a 15% discount with orders of 100 or more.

Rum And Coke cake ball – So good, it should be ordered from a bartender. It’s Coca-cola cake with dark rum inside and dark chocolate coating outside.

Pina Colada cake ball – It’s like a mini-vacation. We take coconut cake and infuse it with Malibu rum. Then we top it with flaked coconut and serve it with an umbrella. Bon voyage.

Margarita cake ball – Did you know that Jimmy Buffet, Mr. Margaritaville himself, is from Mobile? Think about that as you enjoy this key lime cake with tequila and triple sec, crushed pretzels and salt on top.

Strawberry Daiquiri cake ball – How do you make a strawberry cake ball better? Add rum and stick an umbrella in it.

White Russian cake ball – We’re pretty sure this would be The Dude’s favorite flavor. (Click here for an explanation of the reference.)  It’s white cake with vodka and kahlua inside, white coating, and a chocolate covered espresso bean. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Russian_(cocktail)#In_popular_culture

Green Mint Chip cake ball – Eat this around your friends and they’ll be green with envy. It’s chocolate cake with creme de menthe, chocolate mini-chips and a dark chocolate coating.


*If you’ve never seen Jim Gaffigan’s standup routine about cake, it’s worth three minutes of your time.