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Christmas Gift Box

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Nothing says Happy Holidays better than homemade sweet treats like gingerbread and mint chocolate! Our Holiday gift box includes six classic flavors that will remind you of past Holiday gatherings with every scrumptious bite. It’s a perfect gift during the giving season, or order a box all for yourself.

Consider all the delectable cake ball flavors that are included in a Holiday Series:

Cherry Cordial – our take on the classic Holiday boxed candy still has the maraschino cherry in the middle but it is wrapped in chocolate cake spiced with cherry liquor then coated in a dark chocolate ganache. The stem is just for garnish!

Chocolate Fudge – no one makes it like grandma, well except maybe us! The chocolate fudge cake is folded with chocolate pudding, and then dipped in dark chocolate ganache.

Gingerbread – everyone knows gingerbread is too hard to make on your own. So enjoy our version. Ground gingerbread cookies are added to our cake mix, and then the cake balls are dipped in white chocolate ganache flavored with gingerbread syrup.

Chocolate Mint – whether it’s a peppermint candy cane or an Andes mint, it is undeniably time for Santa! This cake ball, which is only offered during December, is made of moist chocolate cake and mint extract, coated with chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet – This classic cake is included not just because it is red, but because it is our most popular flavor! This cake ball starts with traditional red velvet cake and finished with a white chocolate coating and red crystal sprinkles.

Coconut Snowball – With its coconut shavings on top, it looked a lot like a snow ball anyway, so we included it in our Holiday series. However when you bite into this morsel of goodness, you may start thinking about tropical islands with its strong coconut flavor. It is truly every cocnut lovers drem come true!


Pictured is the set of cake balls as they are packaged as well as the six individual cake balls that are included in the Holiday Gift Box



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