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Taste of Mobile Gift Box

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Anytime is a great time to help someone experience a taste of the south. And with the Taste of Mobile Gift Box, you get a little bit of this and a little bit of that until the flavors just sweep you off your feet. The Taste of Mobile Gift Box is a great way to share a little bit of sweet southern charm with friends both here and out of town.

Consider all the delectable cake ball flavors that are included in a Taste of Mobile Gift Box:

Conde Key Lime cake ball - Mobile has an historic fort right smack dab in the middle of downtown. It's called Fort Conde and it was originally built by the French to help protect Mobile. Believe us, a cake ball this good is worth protecting. It's luscious key lime cake coated with white chocolate ganache.

Mobile Bay Breeze cake ball - There's always a breeze sweeping through downtown and our historic garden district to remind us of how close we are to the bay, the delta and the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. It's not just our sailing community that enjoys this creamy citrus orange cake with a blue-tinted white chocolate coating.

Crimson Tide Red Velvet cake ball - Don't go thinking we're picking sides in the never-ending Alabama-Auburn feud. You'll hear just as many "War Eagles" as "Roll Tides" on our premises. But hey, this cake ball starts with traditional red velvet cake and finished with a white chocolate coating and red crystal sprinkles. To call it the Crimson Tide Red Velvet cake ball is just a natural fit.

Oakleigh Pecan cake ball - Our little coffee shop is a few houses down from the Oakleigh Mansion and Museum, an antebellum home that has been preserved for all to see how the Old South lived. We honor the home and the people who work hard to preserve it with this delicious chocolate cakeball with marshmallow and pecans on the inside and a chocolate ganache coating.

Port City Peanut Butter cake ball - Guaranteed to stick in your memory, but not necessarily to the top of your mouth. Peanut butter cake is coated in chocolate ganache with a peanut butter candy drizzle.

Mardi Gras Moonpie cake ball - There's something about Mobile and moonpies. We drop one at midnight on New Year's Eve. And parade goers clamor for them among the beads and other trinkets thrown from the passing floats. This particular cake ball is chocolate cake with a mini marshmallow in the middle covered in chocolate ganache.

Pictured is the set of cake balls as they are packaged as well as the six individual cake balls that are included in the Taste of Mobile Gift Box

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