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Valentine's Day Gift Box

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[NOTE: Must place order by Wednesday, 2/12/14, 2:00 pm central to ensure delivery by Friday, 2/14/14.]

Flowers are okay. And candy is one way to say I like you. But it's not very original.

For a real treat—a Valentine's Day token of affection that says you really really think someone is special—the cake balls in our Valentine's Day Gift Box are the way to go. It's proof that the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach...and taste buds.

Included in the Cream and Sugar Valentine's Day gift pack are six delectable cake balls we make from our own proprietary recipe. That special someone (or someones) will receive:

Champagne Ice cake ball - Bottoms up. We take fluffy, white cake and dip in white chocolate before we sprinkle it with gold crystals.

Red Velvet cake ball - We take traditional, red velvet cake and dip it in white chocolate, finishing it off with Red sprinkles.

Chocolate Fudge cake ball - Can a person overload on chocolate? We don't think so. This cake ball is made from moist chocolate fudge cake dipped in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Cherry cake ball - Don't let the name mislead you. This treat is made from moist, chocolate cake anchored with a cherry and coated with dark chocolate ganache.

Latte Love cake ball - Did you guess there would be coffee involved with this one? You were right. It's Kahlúa cake with a hint of espresso.

Chocolate Kiss cake ball - Love the cake ball, lose the guilt. This is gluten-free chocolate cake dusted in cocoa powder and wrapped in foil.

Some of these flavors are only available for a limited time, so order a box today. Heck, order two and send one to yourself. 


Pictured is the set of cake balls as they are packaged as well as the six individual cake balls that are included in the Valentine's Day Gift Box


[NOTE: Must place order by Wednesday, 2/12/14, 2:00 pm central to ensure delivery by Friday, 2/14/14. If you're in Mobile or Baldwin County, just drop by our café in historic Oakleigh and pick up a box to go.]

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